I was working for SCO Information Centre in Prague, where I was involved in various marketing activities (event management, customer relations, customer support, graphics) also in translating English, Hungarian and German texts into Czech or any other of listed languages.

01/2002 - 12/2002

I entered a part-time position in reinsurance department at CPP, a.s.(an important (in Czech Republic) insurance company). Originally, my main responsibility was translation of English texts into Czech and vice versa. Furthermore, the position included partial responsibility for obligatory reinsurance. Later I worked individually on an internal project and continued to cooperate on both obligatory and facultative reinsurance.

08/2001 - 12/2001

I was working for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants as Graphics Coordinator. The job included independency in two ways. My major responsibility was to create and edit PowerPoint presentations. My minor responsibilities were in the field of business analysis and network administration. Coordination of students, who were working as Business Analysts, was also included in my duties. This occupation required knowledge of English language and also German as these were common in the company.

19/2/2001 - 16/3/2001
Ogilvy PR - an internship, which was necessary for PR Academy 2001. I was working on assigned projects. At this position individual work and positive attitude were required, but I also had the possibility to consult the topics with my mentor.
10/1998 - 03/2001

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